The Georgia Institute of Technology cares about the fair and equitable treatment of our faculty, staff and students. To this end, the Institute has an Ombuds Office.

The Ombuds is an impartial entity who strives to see that faculty, staff and students at the university are treated fairly and equitably. Georgia Tech staff, faculty, and graduate students can seek the advice of the Ombuds. The Ombuds is impartial, neutral, and confidential. The rights and interests of all parties to disputes are considered, with the goal of achieving fair outcomes.

What to expect from the Staff Ombuds?
Staff employees seeking assistance will contact the Ombuds for an initial consultation via phone. The Ombuds will determine if a follow-up contact is necessary, and advise the employee about available resources and options to resolve the specified conflict or issue. 

It is appropriate to consult with the Ombuds after all other efforts have been exhausted.

How do I contact the Staff Ombuds?
Staff employees may call 404-385-2837 (BUDS).

Important Information

Contact the Staff Ombuds

404-385-2837 (BUDS)

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