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The quality of the teaching and research taking place at Georgia Tech attracts visitors from around the globe. Many are distinguished professors and researchers coming to teach, collaborate, and consult. Others have recently completed doctoral degrees and have come to Atlanta to complete postdoctoral training. Additionally, Georgia Tech’s U.S. faculty and researchers travel abroad to share their ideas, demonstrate techniques, and teach around the world. Global Human Resources (Global HR) supports these efforts with technical immigration and tax services.

International Faculty and Researchers Immigration Services

Global HR provides immigration services to Georgia Tech campuses, colleges, research centers, departments, and individuals when an employee’s immigration status is dependent upon his or her employment relationship with the Institute. Global HR’s immigration and employment paperwork is filed on behalf of Georgia Tech with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services as well as the U.S. Department of Labor.

Foreign National Tax Compliance

Global HR is responsible for tax compliance for payments made to all foreign national employees of Georgia Tech. To perform this task, Global HR utilizes the secure online tax compliance software program GLACIER. All foreign national employees are required to enter data related to their immigration history and presence in the United States. GLACIER will then determine their tax statuses and eligibility for treaty benefits. If you are a foreign national employed by GT in any capacity (student assistant, faculty, or staff) and you have not entered your personal data into GLACIER please email nra.ask@ohr.gatech.edu for an account invitation and password.

To assist with filing tax returns, Sprintax tax preparation software is available to all foreign nationals receiving payments from Georgia Tech.  For additional details, please visit  2014 Tax Returns  and/or review the International Student and Scholar Tax FAQs.  Individuals in  F or J status should also review the Tax Services from OIE site.

Global Support Services

Global HR is working to build global services that will provide an equal level of support to our faculty and staff serving the Institute by working at Georgia Tech-Lorraine or at one of our centers or affiliated organizations around the globe in Costa Rica, Ireland, Peking, Shanghai, and Singapore.

In addition, we strive to support all GT employees traveling internationally. Travelers who require medical, personal, or travel assistance should refer to our Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance document.

For more information about GT's global support services, click here.