Our Diversity and Inclusion Message

At the Georgia Institute of Technology, we welcome a wide variety of intellectual and cultural perspectives. Our commitment to developing and maintaining an open, friendly and productive environment is reflected throughout our campus community. Diversity management is one of the highest institutional priorities, led by the Office of Institute Diversity. Our office collaborates with other campus programs and units on initiatives and policies designed to assure that Tech recruits and retains individuals who reflect the world we live in and who strive to make it better.

The contributions of every community member are vital to our mission. We believe that the further development of the Institute rests in our willingness to embrace all backgrounds, talents, and ideas. Thus, diversity management is one of our highest institutional priorities.

As the Institute grows, we continue to develop new strategies and initiatives to further our diversity efforts. The Diversity Leadership Network, made up of faculty, staff, and student leaders, administers various programs to meet the needs of our community.

Georgia Tech’s global and diverse community is a microcosm of the city of Atlanta, a thriving metropolis with more than five million residents. Serving as the headquarters for ten Fortune 500 companies, Atlanta is a modern, international city full of opportunity. People from all over the world are proud to call Atlanta, and Georgia Tech, home.

Contact Information

Cheryl Cofield
Director: Culture, Diversity, & Inclusion