Job Classification & Compensation System


A well defined job classification and compensation system is the foundation to how an organization manages its most important resources - people.  To this end, Georgia Tech will move to a new compensation philosophy, job classificaton system, compensation structure and supporting policies starting January 1, 2011, for all classified staff employees. 


The new structure and supprting policies will:

  • Provide robust, current market data in order for administrators to make informed pay decisions
  • Facilitate decision making within departments through clear classification and compensation guidelines
  • Assist in career discussions – development and progression
  • Enable more of a push toward pay for performance
  • Increase ability to attract and retain top performing staff in critical positions
  • Establish a better compliance model and mitigate risk to the Institute

Major Changes

The new job family structure will result in the following changes for all classified staff employees:

  • Pay grades will change for every individual along with title changes for select employees
  • Updated staff job descriptions to reflect actual responsibilities of the roles
  • Compensation policies to support the new foundation and philosophy.

Timeline (Updated)

Below is a timeline of the project phases:

  • January 2011: New job descriptions, policies and structures will be online for review. 
  • February 2011:  Training will be provided for managers.
  • March 2011:  New titles, grades and salary structures become effective.  Managers will communicate the new compensation philosophy and structure changes to individual employees.
  • April - May 2011:  Salary adjustments may be made for select individuals below the new minimum of the new salary structures who meet performance requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

View FAQs  on Georiga Tech's new Job Classification and Compensation System.  New questions will be added as the project continues.

Submit Questions

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JCCS Online Training Resource

An online resource has been developed for managers and employees to provide information about JCCS, major changes and details on the new structures.

New Job Structure

Classified staff employees will move to a new paygrade structure in March of 2011.  Multiple structures have been developed according to job functions.

Policy Updates

View compensation policies regarding job evaluation, promotion, interim assignments and more.